The purpose of Victoria Ecosystems

Victoria Ecosystems created the Decentralized Environmental Verification Standard, The DEV Standard, to accelerate environmental transparency globally. DEV allows anyone with an Internet connection to become a verifier of the health of ecosystems such as forests, jungles, mangroves and deserts.

These efforts also contribute to the expansion of the Regenerative Finance (ReFi) Movement.

The DEV Standard has three principles:

1.- Full open data. From day one all data collected in the site of the solution (the site of the offset) is open on two levels: simplified to the general public and detailed for registered verifiers, such as the offset buyers, research institutions, and digital content creators, ensuring this way maximum exposure of the data and interaction with it.

2.- Inclusion & progressive improvement. Big and small projects alike have the possibility to comply: the most important aspect is not what data collection technologies a project can afford, but to what degree it opens its data and offers full transparency. Technology improvement (getting more and better data collection, data analysis, and data visualization technologies) can be performed over time, and progress can be tracked within the DEV Standard Platform.

3.- Traceability & immutability of certificates. Guaranteeing that the certificates are reliable and linked to verifiable data sources.

Watch this short video to learn more about Decentralized Environmental Verification (DEV):  

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