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The purpose of Victoria Ecosystems

Victoria Ecosystems created the Decentralized Environmental Verification Standard, The DEV Standard, to accelerate environmental transparency globally. DEV allows anyone with an Internet connection to become a verifier of the health of ecosystems such as forests, jungles, mangroves and deserts.

The purpose of VictoriaLand

VictoriaLand develops and launches digital assets that are based on data and art, and that are linked to the verifiable protection of natural assets (ecosystems) such as forests, jungles, mangroves and deserts).

Paris is not Empty

It was written during the second confinement in Paris, in November 2020. The photographs were taken in black and white to enhance the extremely rare atmosphere that prevailed.

The pursuit of purpose

If you could do only one thing for the people you love, choose helping them to find their purpose. Having a purpose is the most important thing to seek for right after the basic human needs are covered. If you…

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