About Christopher

Nature reserves advocate

Christopher’s life’s purpose is advancing the use of exponential technologies to effectively protect at least 10,000 nature reserves.

He led his first environmental projects when he was 8 years old, and has been conducting his own environmental research since then. Over the years, learning from the families and communities directly affected by serious environmental and social challenges around the world has been the most enriching experience for him. All this led him to create his own nature reserve, which he called NON-SUCH Reserve.

Along his career, he has been invited to advise national & local governments, companies, foundations, International Organisations and political leaders. He has directed / supported social and environmental projects in 30 countries, which helped him build a truly global network. This consulting experience led him to found a bespoke public advocacy consulting firm, the Christopher Córdova Agency.

He co-founded AI for Climate and the AI for Climate Global Forum in 2020. He co-founded Victoria Ecosystems and Victoria Land in 2021.

He is also co-founder of The Victoria Art Collection, The Victoria Master Classes, The Institute for Democracy & Innovation, and Shared Ink Editions, and founder of The Most Sustainable Order of NON-SUCH.


When he was 15, his first book was published by a university, and that same year he celebrated his 30th opinion article published by a newspaper. He has published 22 books and 8 audiobooks.


He presented his first lectures at universities when he was 14 years old. At 22 he was already lecturing around the world, at some of the world’s most prestigious universities, and at high-level international events. He has presented over 150+ lectures and talks in 17 countries.


Besides writing, he explores painting, photography and music.

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