VictoriaLand develops and launches digital assets that are based on data and art, and that are linked to the verifiable protection of natural assets (ecosystems) such as forests, jungles, mangroves and deserts).

The data comes directly from nature and it is constantly updated. Satellites, drones and sensors deployed on the ground provide a wealth of information.

The source of the art for the digital assets that VictoriaLand launches is The Victoria Art Collection, which is curated, protected and promoted by the prestigious 1919 Gallery.

VictoriaLand also created the Legacy Offset, which is a group of carbon, biodiversity & food security offsets that aim to accelerate transparent, global solutions for a better future. 

The Legacy Offset is important because our economic and daily activities not only have a carbon footprint, but they also impact biodiversity and humanity’s future capacity to produce food.

The Legacy Offset abides by the rules of the DEV Standard. Decentralized Environmental Verification (DEV) guarantees radical transparency by democratizing and crowdsourcing the validation of the data behind the claims of The Legacy Offset.

With the Legacy Offset you can trust data instead of the certifier. 

The Legacy Offset is actually a complete transparency revolution:

1.- It digitalizes the spaces where the offset solutions are deployed (by sending and setting up a series of data collection technologies). This forms a reliable baseline, not only as numbers in a document as normal offsets do, but as a live data canvas (a digital twin) accessible by everyone.

2.- These digital twins are called Intelligent Natural Assets (INAs), and you and anyone can verify all data in a user-friendly way.

3.- These traceable, open data, verifiable solutions are implemented under the world’s watch. There are no blind spots, there is no greenwashing, there is no simulation possible.

Here is a 1 minute video about VictoriaLand’s vision: 

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