If you could do only one thing for the people you love, choose helping them to find their purpose.

Having a purpose is the most important thing to seek for right after the basic human needs are covered.

If you could only do one thing for the people you love, choose to help them find their purpose.

If you can, help them find meaning.
If you can, help them find balance.
If you can, help them find gratitude.
If you can, help them find belonging.

But if you could only help them with one thing, choose purpose, for in troubled times it can become their shield and their compass, their fuel and their source of food, their shelter and their source of peace.

And, most important of all, if you can help them find purpose it means you have it yourself. And never should you aim to give them a copy of your life’s purpose, but to develop in them an honest quest for their own.
True life is made of purpose.

How do you help somebody find their purpose?

1.- Ask them good questions. Deep questions. Have real, challenging, full-bodied conversations about life, goals, fears, beliefs, and the future.
2.- Give them time to think (and good reading material) until they get good answers. Meaningful answers. Honest answers. Answers they can be proud of.
3.- Repeat. Be patient. Be consistent. Be enthusiastic about this process. It will be worth the effort.

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